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With the training and spring races behind us, the Yankee Runners once again return home to Yankee Woods for the summer.


If you plan on running Chicago or any other fall marathon there is still time to join the CARA program and train with the Yankee Runners.


The Yankee Runners are a great group of runners who welcome runners of all paces. We are big enough that you should never be alone. Yet still small enough that your group leader will know your name. I will know your name and your face, though I must admit I don’t always put them together.


We take CARA’s training program and make it better by adding several of our own wrinkles to it. If you have any questions contact me at gokarts@juno.com.

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Another week has come and gone. As this is written we have friends trying to get a good night sleep before running in Boston. The weather looks less then ideal; in fact since our friends won’t see this before the race I will tell you the forecast sounds about as bad as could be. Steady rain, temperature in the 40’s and a strong head wind. I’ve been there under those conditions so I speak from experience when I say the Yankee Runners will deal with it, they always have and always will.




“The miracle is not in finishing; the miracle is in having the heart to start.”

- Joe Werner



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If you are interested in sponsoring our website and our group for the 2015 season, please contact Joe Werner at gokarts@juno.com for more information.






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