JAKE CHRISTIANSEN    EVENT:  Charge On 5k  DATE:  08/22/2015  DIST:  5k  TIME:  0:16:13.0  AWARD:  1st  PR?:  no     ANDY THOMSON    EVENT:  Beast of Burden 100  DATE:  08/08/2015  DIST:  100 miles  TIME:  27:27:51  AWARD:    PR?:  yes     COLLEEN KEHOE    EVENT:  Destination Races Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon  DATE:  07/19/2015  DIST:  13.1  TIME:  2:03:59  AWARD:  No  PR?:  no     STEVE SIERRA    EVENT:  Waterfall Glen Xtreme 10  DATE:  07/11/2015  DIST:  10 miles  TIME:  01:26:46  AWARD:  Medal, cliff bars  PR?:  yes     TAMERRA BUCKHANAN    EVENT:  Tinley Park Stars and Stripes 5k  DATE:  07/04/2015  DIST:  5k  TIME:  31:52  AWARD:  First place age group  PR?:  no     KRISTI RUDE    EVENT:  Liberty 5k  DATE:  07/03/2015  DIST:  5k  TIME:  00:22:29  AWARD:  1st place age  PR?:  yes     LILIA CLARKE    EVENT:  Terrapin 5K  DATE:  07/02/2015  DIST:  3.1  TIME:  29:58  AWARD:    PR?:  yes     KATIE CONLEY    EVENT:  Terrapin 5K  DATE:  07/02/2015  DIST:  3.1  TIME:  25:13  AWARD:  no  PR?:  yes     KATIE CONLEY    EVENT:  Twin Lakes Triathlon  DATE:  06/28/2015  DIST:  700 14 4.5  TIME:  01:50:12  AWARD:  :(  PR?:  yes     STEPHANIE EBERT    EVENT:  Tinley Park Duathlon  DATE:  06/28/2015  DIST:  2 11 1  TIME:  1:04:52  AWARD:  1st AG  PR?:  yes     JAKE CHRISTIANSEN    EVENT:  100x10k World Record  DATE:  06/26/2015  DIST:  10k  TIME:  0:33:52  AWARD:    PR?:  no     JOHN CONLEY    EVENT:  Summertime Stride 5K  DATE:  06/06/2015  DIST:  5K  TIME:  00:21:12  AWARD:  2nd Age group  PR?:  yes     JOHN CONLEY    EVENT:  San Diego Marathon  DATE:  05/31/2015  DIST:  26.2  TIME:  03:34:12  AWARD:  No  PR?:  yes     KATIE CONLEY    EVENT:  San Diego Marathon  DATE:  05/31/2015  DIST:  Marathon  TIME:  04:23:11  AWARD:    PR?:  no     KATIE CONLEY    EVENT:  Illinois Marathon  DATE:  04/25/2015  DIST:  26.2  TIME:  04:18:51  AWARD:    PR?:  yes     MICHAEL CASEY    EVENT:  Boston  DATE:  04/20/2015  DIST:  26.2  TIME:  3:23:59  AWARD:    PR?:  no     JIM BRUCE    EVENT:  Monumental Indianapolis Marathon   DATE:  11/01/2014  DIST:  26.2  TIME:  3:20:17  AWARD:  no  PR?:  yes     SAM DAJANI    EVENT:  Bank of America Chicago Marathon  DATE:  10/12/2014  DIST:  26.2 miles  TIME:  03:34:53  AWARD:    PR?:  yes     SAM DAJANI    EVENT:  First Midwest Bank Half Marathon  DATE:  05/01/2011  DIST:  13.1 miles  TIME:  01:33:44  AWARD:    PR?:  yes  
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If you run with Yankee Runners or are an interested party, please click


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Join us biking the Chicago Marathon course on
August 30, 2015 at 7:00am (Grant Park/Columbus Dr.)
- A good place to park would be Old St. Pat's, Adams Street & Des Plaines Street

Join us for a Bus ride to the CARA 20 miler on
September 20, 2015 (Bus pickup location & time - TBD)

Join us running the last 6 miles of the Chicago Marathon course on
September 27, 2015 at 8:00am (Bus will leave from 143rd & Cicero at 7:00am)

*For an accurate headcount, please respond to James Bruce via Facebook or email jabbq2012@gmail.com if you are interested in any or all of the above*


With the training and spring races behind us,

the Yankee Runners once again return home to Yankee Woods for the summer.

If you plan on running Chicago or any other fall marathon there is still time to join the

CARA program and train with the Yankee Runners.

The Yankee Runners are a great group of runners who welcome runners of all paces. We are big enough that you should never be alone. Yet still small enough that your group leader will know your name. I will know your name and your face, though I must admit I don’t always put them together.

We take CARA’s training program and make it better by adding several of our own wrinkles to it.

If you have any questions contact me at gokarts@juno.com.

Upcoming Events

Sunday September 13, 2015

Reavis High School
6034 West 77th Street
Burbank, IL 60459

Come on out and give us a try!


“The miracle is not in finishing; the miracle is in having the heart to start.”

- Joe Werner


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