BERNARD MCGOURTY    EVENT:  Batavia Sprint Triathlon  DATE:  06/12/2016  DIST:  Sprint  TIME:  1:37:00  AWARD:  no  PR?:  yes     WENDY JAY    EVENT:  Intent Duathlon  DATE:  06/05/2016  DIST:  11/2/12  TIME:  1:10:11  AWARD:  Yes 2nd AG  PR?:  no     JAKE CHRISTIANSEN    EVENT:  Summertime Stride  DATE:  06/04/2016  DIST:  5k  TIME:  0:16:01.9  AWARD:  1st  PR?:  no     MAUREEN MIKULSKI    EVENT:  Summertime Stride 5K  DATE:  06/04/2016  DIST:  5K  TIME:  27:56  AWARD:  1 AG  PR?:  no     LISA PETRELLI    EVENT:  Summertime Stride 5k  DATE:  06/04/2016  DIST:  5k  TIME:  25:47  AWARD:  2AG  PR?:  no     JAKE CHRISTIANSEN    EVENT:  Ridge Run  DATE:  05/30/2016  DIST:  5k  TIME:  0:17:18  AWARD:  7th  PR?:  no     LISA PETRELLI    EVENT:  Ridge Run  DATE:  05/30/2016  DIST:  10k  TIME:  55:24  AWARD:  No  PR?:  yes     BERNARD MCGOURTY    EVENT:  Soldier Field 10  DATE:  05/28/2016  DIST:  10 miles  TIME:  1:20.52  AWARD:  No  PR?:  no     JOSEPH WERNER    EVENT:  Seertoma 5k  DATE:  05/22/2016  DIST:  5k  TIME:  23:54  AWARD:  1 AG  PR?:  no     WENDY JAY    EVENT:  Chicagoland Spring Half Marathon  DATE:  05/15/2016  DIST:  13.1  TIME:  1:50:05  AWARD:  No  PR?:  no     MICHAEL CASEY    EVENT:  Dances With Dirt   DATE:  05/14/2016  DIST:  50 Mile  TIME:  11:58:27  AWARD:  2nd Age Group  PR?:  yes     GEOF BROWN    EVENT:  Quarryman Challenge  DATE:  05/07/2016  DIST:  10 Mile  TIME:  1:09:26  AWARD:  1st AG  PR?:  no     KATHY CEJA    EVENT:  Quarryman Challenge  DATE:  05/07/2016  DIST:  5K  TIME:  24:13  AWARD:  1st female masters  PR?:  no     WENDY JAY    EVENT:  Quarryman Challenge  DATE:  05/07/2016  DIST:  5k  TIME:  24:41  AWARD:  Yes 1st AG  PR?:  no     BERNARD MCGOURTY    EVENT:  Quarryman Challenge  DATE:  05/07/2016  DIST:  10 milies  TIME:  1:17:28  AWARD:  1st AG  PR?:  no     ANDY THOMSON    EVENT:  Quarryman  DATE:  05/07/2016  DIST:  10  TIME:  1:24:11  AWARD:  2nd M65-69  PR?:  no     KATHY CEJA    EVENT:  Southwest Half Marathon & 10K  DATE:  05/01/2016  DIST:  10K  TIME:  49:48  AWARD:  yes-1st AG  PR?:  no     TIMOTHY ENRIGHT    EVENT:  Southwest Half Marathon  DATE:  05/01/2016  DIST:  13.1  TIME:  1:57:41  AWARD:    PR?:  no     MAUREEN MIKULSKI    EVENT:  Southwest Half Marathon   DATE:  05/01/2016  DIST:  Half  TIME:  2:16:45  AWARD:  2 AG  PR?:  no     JAMIE PARKS    EVENT:  Southwest 10K  DATE:  05/01/2016  DIST:  10K  TIME:  45:05  AWARD:  2nd 50-54  PR?:  no     ANDY THOMSON    EVENT:  Southwest Half  DATE:  05/01/2016  DIST:  13.1  TIME:  1:49:20  AWARD:  1stM65-69  PR?:  no     LOUIS TRUFFA    EVENT:  soutwest 1/2 marathon  DATE:  05/01/2016  DIST:  13.1  TIME:  1:50:27  AWARD:  AG 3 rd.  PR?:  yes     JOHN CONLEY    EVENT:  Illinois Marathon  DATE:  04/30/2016  DIST:  26.2  TIME:  03:24:53  AWARD:  No  PR?:  yes     SAM DAJANI    EVENT:  Illinois Marathon  DATE:  04/30/2016  DIST:  26.2 miles  TIME:  03:27:05  AWARD:  No  PR?:  yes     BERNARD MCGOURTY    EVENT:  Big Sur Marathon  DATE:  4/24/2016  DIST:  26.2  TIME:  3:48:50  AWARD:  BQ, 5th AG  PR?:  no     DAVID MAUGER    EVENT:  Boston Marathon  DATE:  04/18/2016  DIST:  26.2 mi  TIME:  3:40:40  AWARD:  No  PR?:  no     BERNARD MCGOURTY    EVENT:  Boston Marathon  DATE:  4/18/2016  DIST:  26.2  TIME:  3:40:30  AWARD:  BQ  PR?:  yes     WILLIAM FABER    EVENT:  HAMBURG GERMANY MARATHON  DATE:  04/17/2016  DIST:  26.2  TIME:  4:01:26  AWARD:  NONE  PR?:  no     WENDY JAY    EVENT:  LTHS Foundation 5K  DATE:  04/17/2016  DIST:  5k  TIME:  23:46  AWARD:  Yes-1st AG  PR?:  no     BERNARD MCGOURTY    EVENT:  Shamrock Shuffle   DATE:  4/3/2016  DIST:  8K  TIME:  35:42  AWARD:  No  PR?:  yes     BERNARD MCGOURTY    EVENT:  March Madness Half  DATE:  3/20/2016  DIST:  13.1  TIME:  1:42:48  AWARD:  No  PR?:  yes     MEGAN BREWCZYNSKI    EVENT:  Oak Forest Fleadh  DATE:  03/05/2016  DIST:  5K  TIME:  21:02  AWARD:    PR?:  yes     TOM FALDANI    EVENT:  Los Angeles Marathon  DATE:  02/14/2016  DIST:  26.2  TIME:  03:52:52  AWARD:  No  PR?:  no  
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Monday Night Fun Runs

Running for Kicks
7158 W. 127th Street
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Wednesdays at 6:30am & 6:30pm

Trinity Christian College (morning)
6601 West College Drive
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Chicago Christian High School (evening)
12001 S. Oak Park Ave
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Saturday LONG runs
(July 23 - August 27 @ 6:30am)

Yankee Woods
Central Ave Bike Trail
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The Yankee Runners are a great group of runners who welcome runners of all paces. We are big enough that you should never be alone. Yet still small enough that your group leader will know your name. I will know your name and your face, though I must admit I don’t always put them together.

We take CARA’s training program and make it better by adding several of our own wrinkles to it.

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“The miracle is not in finishing; the miracle is in having the heart to start.”

- Joe Werner


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